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Can you tell if the flowers are artificial?

Only if you look really hard… and people have often commented about how good they smell before they were told the arrangement was faux! (It’s all in the mind!) The quality of the blooms make them incredibly lifelike, with an unrivaled depth of color and a special finish that feels just like the real thing when you touch the petals.

Can I provide you with my own container?

Absolutely! The majority of our business is custom arrangements in the vessel that the client wants their floral piece in.  We can coordinate drop off or pick up and discuss your vision for the type of arrangement you would like in your special container! 

What is your typical turn-around time?

Most of our stems we keep in stock, so turn around can be within 7 days.  If certain stems or plants need to be custom ordered, we can provide an ETA once we coordinate with our supplier. 

How do I keep my arrangement looking fresh?

It is important to try to keep your flowers out of direct sunlight for a lengthy period of time. Your arrangement will need to be dusted like any other accessories in your home.  You can use a Swifter cloth, hair dryer on

low/cool setting, or a duster. 

Do you ship orders in the U.S.?

Shipping is provided on a case by case basis. We can discuss delivery fees depending on size of order and location it is to be delivered. 

Can I send you a picture of my room and container?

Yes! It is quite helpful for us to see the decor of your room, art pieces on the wall, light fixtures, etc!  If you are looking for a piece for your dining table, for instance, the measurement between the top of your table and light fixture is helpful as well.  

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