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Look through the pages of any home décor magazine and you will find that almost every room pictured contains at least one flower arrangement. Flowers can transform a room, pull together a color scheme or add just the right accent. Used like any accessory they can be the star of the show or the final touch that turns a well-designed space into a personal living space.


Mom and I have always enjoyed having flowers around us, but keeping living arrangements consistently beautiful is not always financially practical and requires time and tending. In the fall of 2016 we began to explore the world of faux floral. We discovered a new generation of artificial floral, flowers of high quality that can look and feel like live blooms and plants. Soon our hobby became a business and m|m floral design was born. Two years later we have evolved into “a friendly arrangement” and expanded our business with a beautiful line of colorful linens and sleek, floating acrylic frames. We are proud to incorporate unique products that are not commonly availablein our area.


We look forward to creating a gorgeous floral accent for your home, as each arrangement is one of a kind and custom made. Thank you for visiting A Friendly Arrangement!



Thank you for taking time to stop by!

We look forward to creating something very special to enhance your home! 

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